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If you have had your chimney inspected or have been researching a rebuild, then you may be curious about the process of repairing or installing a new chimney lining in Paramus, NJ. At Classic Chimney Service, we offer full liner services, done by our experienced and highly trained technicians. When it is this easy and affordable to help prevent fires at home, there is no reason not to schedule an inspection right away.

All chimneys have flues which vent the products of combustion, though the full unit includes the brick or steel structure in its entirety. The flue liner is the most important part and can be made from stainless steel, ceramic systems, or terracotta clay. The purpose of this liner is to ensure that all of the sparks, soot, and heat produced by the fireplace are safely vented away and out through the top of the chimney, and not back into the home or business interior.

Another important function of your flue liner is to contain and ventilate deadly carbon monoxide. As you can clearly see, chimney liner repair and maintenance is imperative to your happiness and health when operating a fireplace or stove. As this area can be difficult to reach and inspect on your own, ask our chimney relining specialists to take a look. Should your liner require attention, we have all of the top chimney lining materials ready to go, leaving your chimney as good, and as safe, as new.

If we can repair your liner, we will. If not, a new liner installation may be necessary. To schedule an inspection of your chimney lining, please contact our offices in Paramus, NJ at Classic Chimney Service.

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